Cargo type & T/C: 
Load or Dly port: 
Ho Chi Minh
Laycan start date: 
20/07/2014 - 25/07/2014
Discharge or Redly area: 
Volume (Max or Both): 
Short description: 
Rice in Bag
Brief details: 

ACCT: VASG/hot to fixing

Com: Rice in bags (s/f 1.45 wog)

Q'ty : 6,000mt - 12,000mt +/-10% MOLOO

Load/dis port: 1SAP Ho Chi Minh/1SBP Manila, Philippines

Load/dis rate: CQD at bends

Laycan: 20-25July, 2014

Age of vsl: under 20 years, need gears.

Freight: Intive Owner best offer.

Comm: No Add comm

Contact Information: